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Camp Oljato Handicraft Lodge

A New Camp Oljato Handicraft Lodge
Huntington Lake, California
October 2006

The Pacific Skyline Council owns and operates three of the most spectacular camp facilities in the country -- Camp Oljato on the shores of Huntington Lake in the high Sierra, Cutter Scout Reservation in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and the Boulder Creek Scout Reservation. Camp Oljato, 60 years old, was in need of significant upgrades and improvements to meet health and safety codes to continue to give our scouts a memorable summer experience.

A capital campaign was launched in 2003 by the Council to upgrade Oljato, Cutter, Boulder Creek and to provide a much needed Youth Leadership Training Center in Foster City. As one of the largest, most active troops in the Stanford District, the Council offered Troop 57 (in 2003) a “Named Gift Opportunity” -- a new Camp Oljato Handicraft Lodge. Every Troop 57 scout attending Camp Oljato since its opening days has completed handicraft merit badges offered at Camp Oljato. For the first time camper --- art, basketry, leatherwork, metal work, and woodworking are often the first merit badges complete on their way to Eagle Scout. Our Troop’s Capital Campaign Committee determined in 2003 that the new “ Troop 57 Camp Oljato Handicraft Lodge ” was a manageable challenge for our troop to accept.

This is the first council capital campaign in years. We are asking current parents, alumni, friends, and past Eagle Scouts to contribute.

Construction Update:

This fall, the contractor completed construction of the Lodge. The new Troop 57 Camp Oljato Handicraft Lodge will open its doors to campers during the first summer session of 2007. A Troop 57 formal ribbon cutting ceremonies is planned to the troops 2007 summer session. Construction photos are posted below.


Our Capital Campaign Goal for the Troop 57 Camp Oljato Handicraft Lodge is $125,000. To date, our Troop efforts have raised $118,061 in pledges and $107,061 of the pledges have been paid. We have established six levels of giving, naming the first five levels after the ranks of the Tribe of Oljato. Special Council recognition will be given to Eagles’ Nest contributors.

Gift Level:

Eagles’ Nest $5,000 and Above
Tribal Council $4,000 - $4,999
Chief $3,000 - $3,999
Medicine Man $2,000 - $2,999
Warrior $1,000 - $1,999
Brave $ 100 - $ 999

Due to the initial success of our capital campaign fundraising, Troop 57’s project at Camp Oljato – the Handicraft Lodge – was selected as the first Oljato building to be built. The Handicraft Lodge is completed and will open in 2007! Our capital campaign is within 95% of our goal!

We are very proud of the work Troop 57 has done in connection with the Handicraft Lodge project. Our former Pacific Skyline Council Scout Executive, John Richers and new Scout Executive, Kent Downing, joins me in saying "thank you" to everyone for leading the way in camp improvement. Please feel free to contact me directly at (650) 324-8085 or Kent Downing at (650) 341-5633 should you have any questions.

You have the opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the Scouts in our community. It is important to have your support. Thank you.

Larry Christenson, ASM
Troop 57 Capital Campaign Chairman

The full scope of the campaign was outlined in The Skyline June/July/August 2003 issue. See link:

Existing Handicraft Lodge (Circa 1946)

Troop 57 Scouts on Location - Summer 2003
 New Troop 57 Camp Oljato Handicraft Lodge - Coming Summer 2006

Construction - Summer 2004

Construction - Summer 2004

Construction - Summer 2004

Construction - Summer 2005

Construction - Summer 2006

Construction - Summer 2006

Construction - Summer 2006

Construction - Summer 2006

Construction - Summer 2006

Construction - Summer 2006

Summer 2007 Update
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