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Lassen Volcanic National Park (Aug 30 - Sept 1)

posted Jul 28, 2014, 10:11 PM by Vivek Sharma
On Labor Day weekend, we'll be camping and hiking in Lassen Volcanic National Park. Lassen is a spectacular destination - there's nothing like it in California! It's a great opportunity for experienced Scouts to --
  • start off a new year of scouting
  • exercise your leadership muscles and neurons
  • explore a volcanic landscape
  • hike through a 1/4-mile underground lava tube,
  • hike to a geothermal region with boiling lakes, bubbling mudpots and roaring fumeroles -
  • climb the Lassen Peak trail!
Along with welcoming any scouts who want to go (first come, first serve, of course), we're also looking for ASMs to sign up.  We need two more Lead ASMs, and more ASMs for driving, hiking, and enjoying the beauty of Lassen.

We can accommodate only 25 participants (total - Scouts plus ASMs). To sign up, open the attached trip brochure, follow the link to the google form and fill that out, and send a check to Edita Donnelly, the Lassen Trip Coordinator.  Like I said, first come, first serve.  This trip will fill up.  [Flyer]