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Northern Tier

BSA's Northern Tier site is here:  http://www.ntier.org/.  

Northern Tier has 3 bases.  Troop 57 has been to each of these bases in recent years.
    - Ely, MN:  Northern Tier headquarters.
    - Atikokan, ON:  Recent outings have included a fishing trip, and a cross-border canoeing trip from Atikokan to Ely.  
    - Bissett, MB.  The most rugged and remote of all BSA high adventure camps.  You fly to your starting point in a float plane.  Lightweight kevlar canoes are not an option.  Neither is avoiding the occasional knee-deep mud on a portage.  

General Advice:
    - Get swamp boots and a mosquito net for your face.
    - If kevlar boats are an option, pay the extra fee to get them.  
    - You'll only need two sets of clothes:  one for canoeing (swimming suit, short sleeve poly shirt, swamp boots), and one for camp (long, light poly pants, long sleeve poly shirt, camp shoes).
    - More advice, for the 2014 trip to Bissett, is here.