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Contact Information for Eagle Project Workbook

The Eagle Project Workbook has a list of contacts on page 9.  It is important to fill this out correctly.  Contact information for Troop 57 adults can be found in TroopMaster.

1.  Eagle Scout Candidate.  This is your information.  If you don't know your BSA ID number, you should be able to find it in TroopMaster
         or your LiTE advisor can help you obtain it. 

2.  Unit Leader.  For this document, your LiTE Advisor is considered to be your Unit Leader.  

3.  Unit Committee Chair.  Al Yuen is the Unit Committee Chair for 2017-2018.  

4.  Unit Advancement Coordinator.  Susan Cala is the Unit Advancement Coordinator for 2017-2018. 

5.  Project Beneficiary and Representative.  This is the organization for whom you are doing the project, and the person at the organization who will sign off on your project.  

6.  Your Council Service Center.  Contact name:  Pacific Skyline Council.  Preferred Telephone:  (650) 341-5633.  
    Address:  1150 Chess Dr., Foster City, CA 94404

7.  Council or District Project Approval Representative.  List the Stanford District Representative who approved your project plan. 
    As of 2016, the Stanford District Eagle Project Approvers are:
    Brenda Brunner - (408) 245-2040; bjbrunner1@yahoo.com
    Walter Underwood - (650) 493-5442; wunder@wunderwood.org
    Jon Mewes - (408) 655-6674; mewesrp@yahoo.com
    Mark Noguchi - (650)-941-3353; noguchi.mark@gene.com (prefers email first)

8.  Project Coach.  This is your LiTE Advisor.  For the contact information you can just put "(see above)" next to his name.