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LiTE Steps

These are the steps for earning Eagle Scout in Troop 57

0.      Become a Life Scout.
1a.    Work on completing Eagle MB and other, non-project requirements.
1b.    Get assigned a LiTE Advisor by contacting the LiTE Coordinator at
1c.    Be thinking about your project.
2.      Review your project idea with your LiTE Advisor.
3.      Write up your Eagle Project Proposal using the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, and use it to start
            your Eagle Project Binder.
4.      On Eagle project application get signatures from LiTE Advisor (signs as Unit Leader), Beneficiary, 
            and Committee Chair (preferably in that order).
5.      Meet with District Eagle Advisor, and hopefully get his/her signature. 
6.      Finish Eagle project plan using the Eagle Project Workbook
7.      Review with LiTE advisor.
8.      Recruit scouts to help.
9.      Do project.
10.    Write up project using the Eagle Project Workbook.  
11.    Get LiTE advisor’s and beneficiary’s signature, saying project is complete.
12.    Have all non-project Eagle requirements complete.
12a.  Get a copy of your Individual Progress Report (IPR), Individual History Report (IHR) and Individual   
            Participation Report (IPART) from your Troopmaster account (Reports menu in TM).  
13.    Request SMC from LiTE Coordinator -- LiTECoordinator.Troop57@troopmaster.email
13a.  Write “Statement of Life Purpose” and list of Leadership Positions (See Eagle App. Req. 7.)  
13b.  Finish Eagle Binder.  
14.    Send electronic copy of your IPR, Statement of Life Purpose, and any possible portions of your
                  Eagle binder to LiTE Coordinator.
15.    Have SMC.
16.    Modify Eagle binder, if needed. 
17.    Meet with Troop Committee Chair for signature.  
18.    Turn in Eagle Binder at Scout House.  Keep a copy at home.  The Eagle Board of Review Coordinator 
            from the Stanford District will contact you in ~4 weeks to schedule your Eagle BoR.