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Merit Badges

Merit Badge Counselor Listing on Troopmaster.  For instructions, see this link.

Patrol Lead ASMs have blank blue cards.  Patrol Lead ASMs, Oljato ASMs, or the Scoutmaster can provide the initial Unit Leader signature that is under the "Application for Merit Badge" section of the card.  The Scoutmaster provides the final signature (under "Applicant's Record") after the scout turns in the completed blue card

The Blue Box for turning in cards is on the porch of Susan Cala's house at 1420 Parkinson Ave., Palo Alto, 94301.
PLEASE look at the cards BEFORE you turn them in to make sure that you have taken the time to fill in all the information. ALSO, both the “Application for Merit Badge” and the ‘Applicant’s Record” should be turned in for processing –AS ONE PIECE - UNTORN.
You get the “Applicant’s Record” portion of the Blue Card back with the awarded Merit Badge at the court. You should keep those “Applicant Record’s” together in a safe place till after you are done with scouting. They are like your receipt or proof of purchase so it’s a good idea to keep them throughout your scouting career.

Places to Earn Merit Badges