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Merit Badges

Steps involved in pursuing a Merit Badge


Scout is responsible for making sure that the Blue Card is completed and signed. 

  • Patrol Lead ASMs have blank blue cards or the ability to start merit badges in Scoutbook.

  • Scout asks their Patrol Lead ASM to sign a blue card or give Initial Unit Leader approval on Scoutbook to initiate Merit Badge pursuit. 

  • If the Patrol Lead ASM is not available, then the Scoutmaster or alternative ASMs (e.g., Oljato ASMs, etc.) can provide the initial Unit Leader signature that is under the "Application for Merit Badge" section of the blue card or sign the merit badge in Scoutbook.

  • ASM or SM who signs the Blue Card will recommend 2-3 possible merit badge counselors for the scout to work with - the district maintains the list of approved merit badge counselors in ScoutBook.  ASMs can reference this list for the scout.

  • Scout sends an email to a merit badge counselor to ask them if they will be their merit badge counselor.  If tracking the merit badge in Scoutbook, the scout tells their ASM who they will be working with so the ASM can assign the merit badge counselor to their record in Scoutbook.

  • Scout earns Merit Badge (see below for places to Earn Merit Badges). 

  • Signed blue card: Scout delivers the blue card(s) into the “Blue Box”. 

    • PLEASE look at the cards BEFORE you turn them in to make sure that you have taken the time to fill in all the information. ALSO, both the “Application for Merit Badge” and the ‘Applicant’s Record” should be turned in for processing – AS ONE PIECE - UNTORN

    • “Blue Box” location. The Blue Box for turning in cards is located on the porch of one of the Merit Badge Recorders (MBRecorder.troop57@troopmaster.email). 

    • Blue Cards may take as long as a month before they are entered into Scoutbook [The MB Recorder enters/verifies the blue cards in the system.].

  • If the Merit Badge Counselor approved the merit badge on Scoutbook: Scout sends email to Merit Badge Recorder to let them know they have completed the merit badge on Scoutbook.  [The MB Recorder will approve the merit badge in Scoutbook.]

  • Blue cards must be submitted two weeks prior to a Court of Honor to be received in that Court of Honor.  A deadline date will be announced.  Scouts should check Scoutbook on the deadline date to confirm receipt of all blue cards for that Court of Honor cycle.

Applicant’s records:

  • The “Applicant’s Record” portion of the Blue Card with the awarded Merit Badge are provided to the Scout at the Court of Honor. The “Applicant’s Record” should be stored in a safe place during your Scouting career as proof of record. 

  • Inquiries related to Merit Badge issues. Contact Merit Badge Recorder at MBRecorder.Troop@troopmaster.email.   Please include your Patrol and Troop number in the subject line.


Places to Earn Merit Badges: 

  • Meeting with a T57 or T4057 merit badge counselor (MBC) on your own.

  • Merit badge courses offered by a Troop/Patrol MBC to the troop/patrol. 

  • Summer camp at Oljato, Emerald Bay, etc.. 

  • Merit Badge Midways and other opportunities offered by Pacific Skyline Council. (http://www.pacsky.org/Activities/BoyScout/

  • A Pacific Skyline Council MBC who is not part of T57 or T4057 (Contact your ASM for help).

  • Opportunities at other local Councils and Troops:

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