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Operating Guidelines

Uniforms:  See uniform expectations here.

Behavior:  Scouts are expecting to behave in accordance with the tenets of the Scout Law and Scout Oath.  Boy Scouts is not the place for disrespectful, mean, or distracting behavior.  Behavioral problems will be addressed with the Scout with increasing severity, and depending on the behavior, could lead to suspension or expulsion from the Troop.  

Attendance:  Scouts are expected to attend all Troop and Patrol meetings, to sell at least the minimum number of wreaths in the Holiday Wreath fundraiser, to participate in the Scouting for Food and Memorial Day Grave Decoration Service Projects, and to attend the 4 mandatory outings during the year.  The mandatory outings are the Patrol and All-Troop outings in the fall and the spring.  A scout must actively participate in theses events to demonstrate the Scout Spirit necessary for rank advancement.  

Safety:  Scouts riding bicycles to and from Scout functions must wear bicycle helmets and have reflectors and proper lighting on the bicycle. Bicycles should be locked while attending the Scout function. Firearms, flammable liquids or any other materials that adversely affect the safety of the Scouts and adults at any troop function are prohibited. The troop endorses the Guide to Safe Scouting and agrees to abide by its provisions. 

Transportation:  Transportation to and from camping events is coordinated by the Outing Lead and is conducted within the guidelines of the Rules and Regulations of BSA. The Troop Registrar maintains a record of insurance coverage for all vehicles used in troop activities. Upon return from camping trips, Scouts are dropped off at their homes, unless other accommodations are made between the Outing Lead and the parent. 

Camping:  All youth participants in a Troop 57 camping event must be registered in scouting.  Each camping event has a designated tour leader.  A minimum of two adults are required to be in attendance at any Troop 57 overnight function.

Medical Information: Each Scout and adult participant is required to have on file with the Troop a current BSA Medical form (parts A, B, and C). Medical forms are valid for one year.