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Scouting Links & Nearby Councils

 Pacific Skyline Council - Our Council.  From Mountain View to Daly City.

 Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council - South of Mountain View to Monterey.

 San Francisco Bay Area Council - San Francisco and the East Bay.

 Mount Diablo Silverado Council - Berkeley, Contra Costa County, and Napa County.

 Marin Council - Marin County.

  http://www.scouting.org/ Link to the nationalBSA webpage. Features scout and adult BSA news, events, activites, programs, scout stuff, awards, publications, resources, family fun, what's new.

  Medical Forms 

  MeritBadge.org - Links to help you work on your advancement requirements... over 300 pages. 

  Guide to Safe Scouting Current Policies and Procedures to Safe Activities.

  http://www.usflag.org/flag.etiquette.html Official US flag etiquette standards.

  http://www.Troopmaster.com Our database software developer. Has one of the best group of links. Check out the links section.