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Troop Committee

Our Troop is sponsored by The Parents of Troop 57 and is administered by the troop committee. The troop committee oversees one major fund-raising event per year in which all Scouts and their parents are asked to participate. This event is the primary source of revenue for the outdoor program. Parents are asked to provide automobile transportation to and from our camping events; these parents are invited and encouraged to stay over and camp with the troop. Many parents discover that this is an exciting way to share their son's enjoyment of the outdoors. Each family is encouraged to be tour leaders for a minimum of one activity per year and drive on a minimum of three trips per year.

All parents are invited to troop meetings, troop committee meetings, courts of honor, boards of review and any other activity on the troop calendar.

We invite you to become a member of the troop committee! There are several positions that require only a onetime effort (one meeting) per year and others that require an ongoing effort throughout the year.

Meeting Notes:

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