Scout Leadership

Troop Leadership – Troop 57 is a Scout led troop. That means that Scouts provide important leadership for all the meetings and outings. 
Senior Patrol Leader
Troop Quartermaster
Troop Scribe - T57 News (Meetings)
Troop Scribe - T57 Times (Outings)
Troop Guide
Troop Guide
Troop Guide
Troop Guide
Jimmy Miller
David Macauley
Adam Hashmi
Thomas McGall
Cooke Tarlton
Josh Cala
David Ely
Loic Bosch

Spencer Martin

Hamza Raza
Parker Goodrich
Will Soderbery
Isaac Wyant
Jordan Adams
Bill Xia

Patrol Leadership - Patrols are the backbone of the troop. If you have any questions these are the people you go to for answers. Below is the Scout leadership and Lead ASM for each of the patrols
    • Patrol 1
      • Patrol Leader – Jimmy Miller
      • Lead ASM - Tony Wyant/Jason Lee/Ken Thom
    • Patrol 2
      • Patrol Leader – Jerry Fang
      • Lead ASM – Eric Ledgerwood/Sandeep Mirchandani
    • Patrol 3
      • Patrol Leader – Aidan Seto
      • Lead ASM – Don Stark
    • Patrol 4
      • Patrol Leader – Josh Cala
      • Lead ASM – John Cala/Tom Hsiu
    • Patrol 5
      • Patrol Leader – Manav Shah
      • Lead ASM – Kalpak Shah/David Kim
    • Patrol 6
      • Patrol Leader – Charlie Cote
      • Lead ASM – John Cote/Sonya Hanna