Scout Leadership

Troop Leadership – Troop 57 is a Scout led troop. That means that Scouts provide important leadership for all the meetings and outings. Here is a link to the list of responsibilities and their points of evaluation. 


Co-Senior Patrol Leader

Troop Quartermaster
Troop Scribe - T57 Times (Meetings)
Troop Scribe - T57 Newsletters (Outings)
Troop Guide
Troop Guide
Troop Guide
Troop Guide
Troop Guide
Order of the Arrow Representative
Dave Wiener
Tom Hsiu

Parker Goodrich
Sawyer McFarland
Thomas McGall
Jacob Hung
Robert Zhang
Christian Bevan 
Jerry Fang
Aidan Hsiu

Zimo Fang

Kevin You 

Isaac Wyant

Matthew Lee 

Aidan Lee
Marcos Hakeman
Daniel Yang

Patrol Leadership - Patrols are the backbone of the troop. If you have any questions these are the people you go to for answers. Below is the Scout leadership and Lead ASM for each of the patrols
    • Patrol 1
      • Patrol Leader – Beck Lyons
      • Lead ASM - Dave Lyons / Jason Lee / Ken Thom
    • Patrol 2
      • Patrol Leader – Kai Mirchandani
      • Lead ASM – Sandeep Mirchandani / Roger Lee
    • Patrol 3
      • Patrol Leader – Kade Stark
      • Lead ASM – Don Stark
    • Patrol 4
      • Patrol Leader – Mike Song 
      • Lead ASM – Fred Song
    • Patrol 5
      • Patrol Leader – Ray Law 
      • Lead ASM – Lauri Vuornos / Liya Su
    • Patrol 6
      • Patrol Leader – Beckett Hanna
      • Lead ASM – Sonya Hanna
    • Patrol 7
      • Patrol Leaders - Luke Andersen
      • Lead ASM - Mike Lemley / Ryan McKee