Scout Leadership

Senior Patrol – Troop 57 is a scout led troop. That means that the boys who are in the senior patrol provide important leadership for all the meetings and outings. 

SPL:                 Jay Bhateja

Troop Guide: Andrew Cote

Troop Guide: Michael Xu

Troop Scribe: Anish Narayanaswamy - T57 Times (Outings)

Troop Scribe:     Brian Tan - T57 News (Meetings)

ASPL:                Brian Ho

ASPL:                Henry Saul

Quartermaster: Zach Yuen

Quartermaster:  Ryan Gillies

Quartermaster:  Neil Kapoor

Historian:           Edward Tang

Bugler:               Aaron Campbell

Webmaster: Chet Bhateja

Librarian:         Jacob Gulman   

Scoutmaster:     George Campbell

Patrol Leadership - Patrols are the backbone of the troop. If you have any questions these are the people you go to for answers. Below is the scout leadership and ASM for each of the patrols
    • Patrol 1
      • Patrol Leader – Isaac Wyant
      • Lead ASM - Tony Wyant
    • Patrol 2
      • Patrol Leader – Andrew Bernas
      • Lead ASM – Sammy Oh
    • Patrol 3
      • Patrol Leader – Arjun Rewari
      • Lead ASM – Rob Soderbery
    • Patrol 4
      • Patrol Leader – Akira Martha
      • Lead ASM – Chris Martha
    • Patrol 5
      • Patrol Leader – Ryan Wisowaty
      • Lead ASM – Amulya Athayde
    • Patrol 6
      • Patrol Leader – Parker Goodrich
      • Lead ASM – Lance Martin
    • High School Patrol
      • Patrol Leader - Jaiveer Sandhu
      • Lead ASM - Gordon Craig

Troop Meetings - The troop's meetings are almost always lead by one of the six patrols. Important guidelines are in place to ensure that patrols run the meetings smoothly. If your patrol is leading a troop meeting, please look over the documents below.