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Troop 57 March News (2019) NEW!


Upcoming Outings:

(You can find the scout leads' emails in the Scout Leadership page)

9/15: Troop 57 Leadership Class - Daniel Yang

9/15: Cycling MB 10 Miler #1 - Mr. Lee(Roger)

9/21-9/22: Troop Outing - TLC

9/27-29: Order of the Arrow Fall Induction - Mr. Ledgerwood

9/28: Advance Camp - Bill Xia

9/29: Cycling MB 10 Miler #2 - Mr. Lee(Roger)

10/5: Angel Island Hike - Manav Shah

10/6: Rock Fishing - Isaac Wyant - NEED ADULT

10/6: Cycling MB 15 Miler #1 - Mr. Lee(Roger)

10/8: BoR(Fall Board of Review)

10/11-10/12: Tamales Bay Kayak Camping Trip - Zimo Fang

10/13: Cycling MB 15 Miler #2 - Mr. Lee(Roger)

10/19-10/20: Fall Patrol Outings - PLC

Joseph Grant Troop Outing (9/21-22)

This year, Troop 57 will be going to Joseph Grant County Park for our all-troop outing. It’s a beautiful park not far from San Jose. 

This is a new camping adventure for T57!

We will also be having some patrol competitions at the outing. Points will count towards the end of the term patrol award.

Patrol Competitions:

  • Cooking (dinner + breakfast)

  • Campfire (yell, skit, song)

  • Leave No Trace (no points rewarded, only taken)

Patrols will also do several fun hikes of varying difficulties and we’ll have a great campfire program run by TLC later at night. This is a good opportunity to get rank advancement requirements signed off if you’re in Scout Trail or in need of them, and generally have a good time camping with your friends. 

Advance Camp Reminders
Advance Camp Info: Advance Camp 2019

While AdvanceCamp is a single night and a single day event, it important to make sure that you are prepared!

No Boys shall be allowed in the Female camping area. No Girls shall be allowed in the Male camping area. NO EXCEPTION! THIS IS GROUNDS TO BE REMOVED FROM CAMP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!

Upcoming Events

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