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T57 Newsletter (October, 2014) NEW!

Upcoming Troop 57 Outings

Autumn Cycling Overnight (Nov 8-9)

Our autumn cycling trip will take us to one of my favorite areas to ride, and to eat:
Pescadero. As a bonus, we’ll focus on the Cycling merit badge. Saturday morning
we’ll drive over to the coast and do a nice 10-mile ride into Pescadero, where we’ll have
lunch at one of 3 great eateries. In the afternoon, we’ll do a 15-mile ride with views of
Pigeon Point Lighthouse and the coast, ending at Butano State Park. We’ll spend some
time working on the Cycling merit badge, and then set up camp, and have an amazing
dinner. Then we’ll sit around a roaring campfire and talk about what great cyclists we
are. Sunday morning we’ll have a great breakfast, work more on the Cycling merit
badge, and then head out for another 15-mile ride, ending at … you guessed it:
Pescadero, where we’ll have lunch. After that, if the group is up for it, we’ll do another
10-mile ride, finishing all the short ride requirements for the Cycling merit badge.
If you already have the Cycling merit badge, that’s great. Come anyway. You can
refresh your skills, teach some skills, or just eat some great food and do some great

Troop 57 Historic Trails Hike (Nov 9)

Hike the historic route through majestic redwoods developed by the Pacific Skyline Council and earn the awesome patch pictured above.   This 13 mile hike connects the three camps used by peninsula Scouts over the past century.  We will begin at the Cutter Scout Camp (used from the 1970s to the present), and then travel back in time to Camp Pomponio (1940 1960s) before ending in Memorial Park, the site of Pescadero Camp (1920 1940s). We have permission from the San Mateo County Sheriffs Dept. to hike through the old Camp Pomponio, which was converted to a jail in the 1970s.  The jail is now closed, so we will explore the grounds and look at some remnants of the old scout camp. 

Flyer: Council hike 2014.doc

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