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Troop 57 September News (2016) NEW!

Mtn Bike Ride-March 25 Sign Up Now!

If you have issues with our sign-up sheet, please email us or call us with any questions, including how you can get the Merit Badge:

March 4th - ROB Mt. Wittenberg

    Rim of the Bay hike to Mt. Wittenberg !!


        This is the prettiest R.o.B. Hike – don’t miss it!

Troop 57 scouts!

Come join us for the FANTASTIC Rim of the Bay hike to Mt. Wittenberg.

What: Rim of the Bay hike Where: Mt. Wittenberg, in beautiful Pt. Reyes National Seashore

When: Saturday, March 4th Meet at the scout house at 8:00 a.m.

Return to Palo Alto late afternoon.

Scout Leader Brian Ho

Adult Leaders: Richard Clark 650-245-8003

Activity: An easy 10 mile hike through the BEAUTIFUL Pt. Reyes National Seashore –

good weather is required for this trip, it is not rain or shine.

Reply Deadline: Please sign up by March 1st.

Please bring: a daypack, sack lunch, two large water bottles, 10 essentials, rain gear.

Link to sign up:

Camp Emerald Bay 2017 - July 30 to August 5th

(Edit post) | Attachments:  Emerald Bay 2017.pdf

Camp Oljato Registration Will Be Open Feb 22nd to March 8th

Located on fabulous Huntington Lake, Camp Oljato offers a great experience for every scout: The Basic Skills Program  (Tenderfoot skills) for incoming scouts; the Merit Badge Program for intermediate Scouts; and C.O.P.E and Climbing, advanced sailing, mile swim and other activities for experienced Scouts. Oljato provides opportunities for Scouts to learn new skills that are not part of our Palo Alto Program, earn Merit Badges, and just have fun in a safe, Scout-led environment!

Week 1:  Sunday, July 9th through Sunday, July 16th

Week 2:  Saturday, July 15th through Saturday, July 22nd  (Leave PALO ALTO on FRIDAY, JULY 14th)


Camp program includes the weekend backpacking hike into the Kaiser Wilderness for all.

Week 1: Scouts will end their Oljato camp and go on the Kaiser hike before they return home.

Scouts attending both weeks of Camp will be at the Kaiser Hike during the middle weekend” of July 15th-16th.

Week 2: Scouts will go to Camp on Friday afternoon on July 14th, begin their trip with the Kaiser Wilderness Backpacking trip/Hike, directly go to Oljato and return on Saturday July 22rd.

The fee for 1 week of camp is $535 and for 2 weeks of camp $925 (Fee includes Transportation, Hike and Camp).

TALK to your Patrol ASM and find out more about Camp Oljato !! Earn your Eagle MBs in one place!!

To Register, you must go to follow the online registration instructions beginning Feb 22. Registration will be open Feb 22nd – March 8th.

Please be sure to understand the Cancellation/Refund Policy on Form A before signing up. Registration is on a “first come,  first served” basis and Camp will fill up (especially the coveted Merit Badges). We will not allow late registrations unless a cancelled spot opens up. So act now so your scout doesn’t miss this opportunity. Want more info? Check out or Don’t miss out on the adventure of the summer...and lifetime!

Skyline-2-Sea Backpacking trip (Feb. 17-20)

The beautiful Skyline-to-the-Sea backpacking trip is just around the corner.

This is a 3 day, 2 night backpack trip covering 29 miles through Castle Rock and Big Basin State Parks, finishing at Waddell Beach.

Day 1: Meet at the Scouthouse at 9am Friday February 17.

Volunteer Drivers will drop off hikers at the Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail head (Intersection of Skyline Blvd [SR 35] and SR 9).

Hike approx 8 miles to Waterman Gap Trail Camp for our first night of camping.

Day 2: Hike approx 10 miles from Waterman Gap to Big Basin State Park where we will stay in Jay Camp.  This is a beautiful day of hiking that includes old growth redwoods as well as chaparral when we cross over China Grade (we'll be a few miles from the Cutter Scout Reservation at that point).  Bring a little spending money for our arrival at the Big Basin snack shop (everyone loves ice cream after a day of hiking).

Day 3: Hike approx 11 miles from Big Basin to Waddell Creek.  Another beautiful day of hiking that takes us past Barry Creek Falls.

Volunteer Drivers will pick us up at Waddell Creek (approx 2pm, I'll confirm the time later) and return us to Palo Alto Sunday afternoon.

There is a net elevation drop of about 2600 ft from the Skyline trail head to Waddell Beach.  But with all the ups and downs of the trail, I'd estimate there is probably 2400 feet of climbing, resulting in a total of 5000 feet of descent (a rough guess from looking at an elevation profile of the trail). 

I still need at least a "second" ASM, and of course welcome even more, so don't hesitate to sign up.  You will enjoy it!!

Please enter your information directly into the sign up sheet:

The signup sheet has space for scouts, attending parents, and volunteer drivers to drop-off Friday or pick-up Sunday.

This event is not recommended for first year scouts.  Second year scouts who believe they have the stamina should consult their lead ASM for guidance/endorsement.  Let me know if you have any questions.

I'm estimating $30/person to cover camp fees and food for the three days -- but I will provide a final accounting to those who sign up after I've worked out the details.

Best Regards,
Mr. Lemley

Pinnacles All-Troop Outing (Jan. 28-29)

It is time to start signing up for Pinnacles! This outing is mandatory, so unless you have another more important conflicting event, you should be attending.

Please indicate on the spreadsheet whether you are going with a 1 for yes and a 0 for no. If you are attending for part of the outing, put a 1 and add this in the comments section.
Please sign up now rather than later to give your patrol leaders an idea of how many people they need to plan cooking for.
Start thinking about which hike you would like to go on, and be prepared to discuss this with your patrol leaders at the patrol meetings.
Come up with some good ideas for skits and songs -- make them original. Look online for some of them if you're having trouble.

Hope to see you there!

Excited for a great outing this year!

Scout Lead: Jay Bhateja (

Lead ASM:  Jason Bernas (

Sign up here

Mission Peak Hike (Jan. 21)

Mission Peak is a 10 mile hike that counts towards the Hiking Merit Badge requirement and will also earn a special Rim of the Bay rocker as one of 6 Rim of the Bay hikes.

The hike has magnificent views of the surrounding East Bay area, providing some great photo opportunities.


When:  Saturday, January 21, 2017; 8:00 am

Where to Meet:  The Scout House

What to Bring:  Sack Lunch, AT LEAST 2 liters water, 10 Essentials, and a Great Attitude

Scout Lead:  Michael Xu (

Lead ASM:  Benjamin Xu (

Sign up now for one of the best hiking experiences that Troop 57 offers.
Sign up here

Mt. Diablo Hike (Jan. 14)

  • One Step Closer To earning all 6 of your Rim of the Bay Hike patches
  • A Full 8 Miles Qualifies as a 10-mile hike for the Hiking Merit Badge
  • A Good Challenge One of the harder, and more memorable hikes you’ll do in your scouting career
  • A Beautiful Reward Spectacular views (and lunch!) from the summit
Meet: 8:00 AM, January 14, 2017 at the Boy Scout House
Arrive back at approximately 3:00 PM

Sign up here

Almaden Quicksilver Mines Hike (Jan. 7)

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a mine looks like? Well, if you want to know, the Almaden Quicksilver hike is the hike for you. I would really appreciate it if all of you could join me on January 7th for this once in a lifetime chance to hike through countless historic landmarks from the 1900's. Hikers will be able to see mining towns, their equipment, learn about the interesting profession of old fashion mining and walk into the inside of a mine. I hope to see everyone on January 7th for an awesome, scenic hike.

Departure: 8:00 am January 7th from the Scout House


Cold weather gear


2 liters of water

Ten essentials

Scout Lead: Ryan Gillies (858)-554-0305

Lead ASM: Glenn McGall    (408) 858-2378

Sign up here
Alamaden Quicksilver Mines Hike Flyer

Golden Gate Park Hike (Dec. 11)

Start your holiday season with a beautiful 10-mile hike through the Golden Gate Park.
From exotic birds to bison and windmills, this easy 10-mile hike is one of the best in San
Francisco hiking, with hardly a hill to climb. Come along and experience the best of Golden
Gate Park with an easy 10 miles under your boot for the hiking merit badge.

Sign up in Google doc link
Sunday, December 11th, 2016
11:30 am at the Scout House (back by 6 pm)

Adult Lead: Inder Monga,
Adult Lead: Tony Wu,
Scout Leader: Brian Ho,

Golden Gate Park Hike Flyer




If you're interested to the Canyon Country of Utah and Arizona spring break trip please add your name to the list by this week.


We have enough interest to run the trip. Next we need to determine the permit size for the group. This week is the deadline.

We're judging whether there is enough interest to have a spring break trip (April 2-8, 2017) to the Canyon Country of Utah and Arizona.  We're considering two prospective trips, one to the Grand Canyon and one to Escalante National Monument. More details here.


      Either trip is long enough to count as one of the four required for the Backpacking Merit Badge.   


     We  need to apply for a permit by the end of this month for an April trip. Minimum trip size is two ASMs and two scouts; maximum is 11 people in the Grand Canyon and 12 in Escalante.  


       The trip difficulty levels are:

·   Grand Canyon:   Moderately Strenuous 

·   Escalante :          Moderate


If you're interested you can add your name here.

grand canyon national park, AZ

escalante national monument, UT

2016 Troop 57 Wreath Sales

A Summer of Scouting Fun

Camp Oljato:  July 10-17, and July 16-23, including the Kaiser Wilderness backpacking overnight
Located on fabulous Huntington Lake, Camp Oljato offers a great experience for every scout: The Basic Skills Program  (Tenderfoot skills) for incoming scouts; the Merit Badge Program for intermediate Scouts; and C.O.P.E and Climbing, advanced sailing, mile swim and other activities for experienced Scouts. Oljato provides opportunities for Scouts to learn new skills that are not part of our Palo Alto Program, earn Merit Badges, and just have fun in a sa
fe, Scout-led environment!  See for more information.

High Adventure - Northern Tier:  June 20-26
A crew of adventurous scouts are going to BSA's Northern Tier base in Ontario for a canoeing and fishing expedition.  Troop 57 scouts are already catching some nice fish in Canada.  Here are couple of pictures they've sent back to us. 

Philmont - BSA's Grandaddy of High Adventure - Northern Tier:  July 6-18
Troop 57 has a crew of Scouts going to BSA's Philmont premier high adventure camp, located in the mountains of northern New Mexico.  They'll be backpacking for 12 days.  

Camp Emerald Bay:  July 31 - August 6

 Some Troop 57 Scouts will be headed to Camp Emerald Bay on Catalina Island.  Along with the standard merit badge classes, Emerald Bay also has an excellent marine program, including the chance for older scouts to get SCUBA-certified.

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